The concept of S'nough® was hatched during an airplane flight from New York to Las Vegas in April of 2012. S'nough® Founder, Suzanne Tanguay, had the misfortune of being assigned a seat across from a young traveler who had back packed his way across America. Apparently the adventurous young man felt bathing or using deodorant during his travels would have taken away from his awesome experience. Faced with the reality of having to smell this fellow human being's awesome experience for five hours, Suzanne got up from her seat and walked back to discreetly ask the flight attendant if there was a possibility she could switch to another location on the plane. The flight attendant was unable to offer Suzanne another seat as the plane was full, but she was able to offer something to lessen the pain of breathing in a foul odor for the duration of the flight: a paper cup with an open filter of fresh coffee grounds. At first Suzanne was skeptical when the flight attendant advised her to breath into the cup every few minutes, but within seconds she found that inhaling the coffee grounds actually worked. Before long Suzanne was sharing the coffee cup with the passenger sitting directly beside her who also wanted to avoid the malodor.

"We passed the cup back and forth like it was our life line until we were safely off the plane," Ms. Tanguay recalled, "but I couldn't help thinking there had to be an easier and less obvious way to deal with being trapped in an area full of foul odor." Her thoughts turned to crime scene shows where homicide detectives pass around a jar of a common eucalyptus gel rub and swiped the white goop under their nostrils as they view the corpse of the victim.

"If you're standing within a yellow taped area or in a morgue this may be an appropriate look but not so much anywhere else," said Ms. Tanguay. "Also, most of the bad smells we encounter in our lives are hopefully not as strong as a dead body, so a heavy medicinal scent could be as offensive as the smell we are trying to avoid."

With all these things in mind, she envisioned a wax-based product which would contain a pleasant coffee or peppermint scent that could easily be taken out of your hand bag or pocket and applied under the nose as needed. No cup or breath to hold, no shiny goop above your lips and no one needs to know they (or their food, or their house, or their dog, or their breath) are the offending party. Problem solved. Whether you're riding the subway, a train, an airplane, working out in the gym, it's a quick, effective remedy. "I still find it hard to believe such a simple solution had not already been conceived, and so began my journey from sales executive to entrepreneur."

Suzanne Tanguay worked for the retail real estate industry's largest trade association for over eighteen years in New York City. Having travelled to all continents she'd been exposed to some of the world's most undesirable scents. But after that fusty, fateful, airplane ride in 2012, she decided enough is enough. It's time for S'nough®... because sometimes life stinksTM.

What Our Customers Say

I am a nurse who works in the emergency room of a large hospital and often have to deal with bad odors which accompany some of the more serious injuries. S'nough stick covers up the smells in a discreet way and allows me to focus on our patients needs and not the smells.

Emily R.